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City Description

Sapporo, the city of canals and romance
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The fifth most populous city in Japan, Sapporo is where provincial government building of Hokkaido is located. There are various theories in the origin of the name “Sapporo,” but it is most likely that it derived from the word ”sat-poro” meaning “dry and big” in the language of the Ainu people, the natives of Hokkaido.

The checkered streets are the symbols of Sapporo. This is because Sapporo was a planned city built to resemble Kyoto. Ever since the Hokkaido provincial government building was constructed in 1869, it has become a center of politics and economy in Hokkaido. It is now one of the largest metropolises in Japan, but it also boasts breathtaking scenery, surrounded by beautiful nature. There are green parks throughout the city where you can feel relaxed. Thanks to the regional characteristics of Hokkaido, which is located in the northernmost part of Japan, its summers have a pleasant climate with low temperatures and low humidity, but most visitors come in the winter. The Sapporo Snow Festival which began in 1950, is one of the most representative festivals in Japan.

Travel Tip

1. Climate
Hokkaido, where Sapporo is located, has the lowest temperature in Japan. It is less hotter and humid compared to other regions, but winters are long and severely cold.
2. Best Time to Travel
The city is famous for its snow and ice festivals, so it is most visited by tourists between December and February.
3. Safety
It is generally safe. But you should be on the alert for tourist-targeted robbery and theft that occur occasionally. Take particular caution at crowded places like Sapporo Station and Odori Park.
4. How to Get There
Asiana Airlines operates connecting flights to Sapporo (Chitose) daily.

Suggested Itinerary

* You can download the suggested itinerary in PDF.

AM 9:00
Odori Park

It is a park located in the center of Sapporo City and it is a peaceful place where citizens can relax and enjoy their leisure time on the lawn. Various events and festival take place here all year long.

AM 10:00
Sapporo TV Tower

A observation point that is a landmark of Sapporo. If you climb the 90.28m-tall observatory, you will see a magnificent scene of the city.

AM 11:00
Former Hokkaidō Government Office

The second building built as Hokkaido’s provincial government building. The first building was destroyed in a fire. What remains of the building today has been turned into a provincial library and is open to the public. Built using red bricks, the building leaves a grand impression.

PM 1:00
Sapporo Clock Tower

A clock tower established in 1881, the oldest in Japan. The tower looks as it did when it was first built, enhancing Sapporo’s exotic atmosphere.

PM 2:00
Hokkaido University

The first dean of this university was Doctor William Smith Clark, who stated: ‘Boys, Be Ambitious.’ Enjoy a leisurely stroll and enjoy the romantic campus – historic buildings and lush trees blend in with the beautiful scenery.

PM 4:00
Sapporo Beer Museum

A museum operated by Sapporo beer, an iconic beer of Sapporo. If you visit the tasting lounge, you can taste various kinds of beers at affordable prices.

AM 9:00
Otaru Canal

It is a romantic canal that is a symbol of Otaru. You can leisurely walk around and view the sights in 30 minutes. You can feel the old-fashioned atmosphere as old buildings remain.

AM 11:00
Otaru Music Box Museum

Japan’s greatest music box store where you can see music boxes from countries around the world. There are over 15,000 music boxes on display.

PM 1:00
Kitaichi Glass 3gokan

It is the most famous place on Sakaimachi Street, where shops selling various kinds of glass crafts are lined up. The inside is divided into exhibition hall, store, cafe and restaurant. It is popular with travelers because it is a good place to buy souvenirs.

PM 3:00
The Former Otaru Branch of The Nihon Yusen Co.

This is the library where Itsuki worked in the movie ‘Love Letter.’ Although it is meaningful for those who want to reflect on the romance of the movie, the building itself is a representative building of the late Meiji Era that borrowed European Renaissance style, and was designated as an important cultural property of Japan.

PM 5:00

You can see Otaru City at a glance, and we know it better as the filming location of the movie “Love Letter”. This is where the main character Hiroko shouted ‘How are you’ in a field of snow. The spectacular night view of Otaru, seen from the top of the mountain, is regarded as one of the “Three Hokkaido Night Views.”

AM 10:00
Blue River

This place, often called ‘Lake of the Blue’ or ‘Blue Pond,’ is famous for its mysterious waters. This place became famous after it was selected as wallpapers for Apple’s MacBook and iPhone in 2012.

PM 1:00
Shirogane Onsen

The road from Biei City to the Shirogane Onsen (Hot Spring) is romantic with beautiful birch trees surrounding it. In particular, you can appreciate the special experience of enjoying hot springs while admiring the nature of the nearby Mount Tokachi in the highlands.

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