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NEW! A380 BUSINESS SUITEExperience your very own sphere in the sky, Business Suite!Meet our new A380 Business Suite at a reasonable price!


  • Event Period

    23 July – 31 October 2019

  • Travel Period

    1 September 2019 – 15 December 2020
    1 January 2020 – 31 March 2020

  • Eligibility

    1) Passengers who purchase Asiana Airlines operating one-way or
        roundtrip ticket that departs from Frankfurt (J Class, Aircraft: A380)
    2) Tickets purchased via Asiana Airlines website or mobile only during
        the event period
    3) Travel must commence within the above indicated travel period

  • Route

    Frankfurt-Seoul/Incheon (OZ542/OZ541)

Introducing ASIANA380 Business Suite

  • As of 1 September 2019, Asiana Airlines will
    start a new Business Suite service
    (12 Private seats that have been previously
    operated as First Suite Class)
  • 12 private first-class cabins can be used
    for business Class prices.
    (On-board service: Business Class service)
  • Available Route: Frankfurt-Seoul/Incheon
                               (Long-haul A380 flights only)
  • Lounge: First Class lounge at Incheon International Airport

Premium Business in the sky! A380 Business Suite

  1. 1 Perfect private room
    with twin doors

    - Mini Personal Closets for clothes storage
    - Full-Flat seats with a wider bed surface
      as cozy as hotel beds

  2. 2 Wide personal seat pitch
    (211cm) & Buddy Seat

    Enjoy a meal or have a meeting with
    a companion from the comfort of your own seat

  3. 3 In-flight Entertainment
    with a 32-inch high-definition

    - Easy to use: video handsets equipped
      with a touch-screen control panel
    - Seat Functional Control Unit (SFCU):
      adjusting seat length and position

  4. 4 Starlight

    Ceiling lights, creating a veritable
    Milky Way above you, help you sink into a more
    comfortable relaxtion or sleep during the flight

ASIANA380 Business Suite Special offers

ASIANA380 Business Suite Special offers
Flight No. Frequency Aircraft Departure Arrival
Frankfurt → Seoul/Incheon OZ542 daily A380 18:30 11:50+1
→ Frankfurt
OZ541 daily A380 12:00 16:30
※ Published flight schedules are subject to change.
  • One-way trip FRA ICN Frankfurt → Seoul/Incheon
    3550EUR~ Book now
  • Round trip FRA ICN Frankfurt ↔ Seoul/Incheon
    5497EUR~ Book now
※ Desired flight dates may not be available due to limited seat availability


  • This promotional fares are per adult (incl. taxes and surcharges) and are based on a fare (J Class) in business suite class on Asiana Airlines departing from Frankfurt. (Not applicable for other airlines, codeshare and Star Alliance flights)
  • Due to a short-term schedule change, Business Suite may not be available in the front compartment of the Airbus A380.
  • This promotional fares can only be booked via the Asiana Airlines‘ official website. (PC/Mobile)
  • Date change, ticket reissue and may cause extra charges.
  • Please refer to the reservation page for detailed fare information and penalties.
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