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Carry-on Baggage

Permitted Carry-On Baggage Standards

Allowed dimensions:

Weight: 10kg (22lbs)

Size: Sum of three dimensions up to 115 cm (including handle and wheels)

*Maximum length of each side A (Height) 55 cm, B (Depth) 20 cm, C (Width) 40 cm

Carry-on Baggage Specifications and Quantity

The specifications and quantity of carry-on bags that are allowed into the cabin are as follows.

Free Carry-on Baggage Specifications and Quantity Table

Business Class Economy Class
10 kg(22 lbs) 10 kg(22 lbs)

Weight: 10 kg(22 lbs) up to
Quantity allowed: 2

10 kg(22 lbs)

Weight: 10 kg(22 lbs) up to
Quantity allowed: 1

  • Baggage must be capable of safe storage in the overhead bins or below the seat in front of you.
  • Business Class regulations apply to Business Suite class
  • Please make sure not to lose your baggage.
    • Carry-on baggage and items that are brought into the cabin are permitted under the condition that you will take full responsibility for carrying and storing them in the cabin.
    • You must take good care of your items during the flight and make sure you do not lose or leave items behind upon exiting the aircraft.
  • Checked baggage at the boarding gate is restricted. Please follow the carry-on baggage rules.
    • Please make sure that the size and weight of the carry-on items, including duty-free goods picked up at the airport, not exceed in-cabin baggage allowance.
  • You may take one of the following items into the cabin, in addition to your carry-on baggage.
    • Small briefcase
    • Handbook
    • Laptop computer
    • Book
    • Small duty-free item
    • Infant food to be eaten during the flight
    • Staff or crutches for disabled passengers
    • Guide dog for visually handicapped passengers
    • Small stroller that can be folded flat

    * However, carry-on baggage may be handled as checked baggage if there is a shortage of space, or according to airline circumstances.

  • Items that can only be transported upon purchasing an additional seat
    • Cello, gayageum, geomungo, guitar, or other large instruments whose three dimensions total an excess of 115 cm can only be safely transported in the cabin if an additional seat is purchased.
    • In order to be brought inside the cabin, the maximum height for instruments with an additional seat purchase is 155 cm .
    • For Business Class, medical oxygen can be used if an Additional seat is purchased.
  • For passengers' convenience and in-flight safety, travel amenities that may restrict access to emergency exits/aisles or disturb other passengers are not allowed to be used in the cabin. However, they may be carried on as long as the size fits within the carry-on item standard.
    • (e.g. bed box, inflatable foot/leg rest, Fly LegsUp, inflatable air pillow, etc.)
  • Exceptions
    • The rules for carry-on baggage are subject to change/restrictions according to aircraft limitations or airport regulations and procedures at each country of travel.