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Food & Drinks

How to apply

  • Special in-flight meal reservations
    • Departing from Korea → Asiana Airlines Reservation Center (1588-8000)
    • Departing from overseas →
  • Special meals are offered only on flights with in-flight meals, and should be requested at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Please understand that flights departing from abroad will take orders according to local conditions.
  • Passengers with special meal requests cannot request Upgrade Standby service.

Peanut allergies

In-Flight Meals and Cabin Circumstances
  • Peanut allergy sufferers should take note - there is a possibility that peanut oil or similar substances are used in cooking in-flight meals. It is also difficult to prohibit other passengers' possession or intake of peanuts due to the special circumstances or the flight environment. In addition, please understand that there is also the possibility of peanut substance existing mid-air in in-flight passages, seats or other in-flight areas.
Notes on traveling
  • Please consult with your physician to confirm if it is safe for you to travel.
  • Your accompanying traveler must be able to provide first-aid in case of an emergency during flight. Should you be traveling alone, you must be able to take care of yourself according to a doctor’s note.
  • Please inform our staff about your peanut allergy upon booking, and fill out a form at the check-in counter.

Special In-flight Meal

Moslem Meal

For food prepared under Islamic law; no pork or alcohol is used.

Hindu Meal

Meals are prepared without beef and pork, according to Hindu customs and practices.

Kosher Meal

Food made under Jewish law after going through a traditional ritual; provided in completely cooked form.

Vegetarian Jain Meal

Indian vegetable style dish with no meat, poultry, eggs, root vegetables or dairy.

Vegetarian Meal

Vegetarian dish cooked with limited use of dairy products.

Vegetarian Meal

Strict vegetable dishes without any meat, dairy, honey, etc.

Vegetarian Lacto-ovo Meal

Does not use meat or fish but may be cooked with dairy and dairy products.

Vegetarian Oriental Meal

This is a Chinese-style meal for vegetarians, free of any meats, poultry, eggs, root vegetables, and dairy products.

Fruit Platter Meal

Meal for those who wish to take meals that have no additives or preservatives.

Raw Vegetarian Meal

Uncooked fresh vegetables and fruit menu.

Bland Meal

Light, easily digested dishes for people with digestive organ issues or who have just had stomach related surgeries. Consists of low-fat food (low fat meat, chicken) and fiber which is easy on the stomach with a soft sauce.

Diabetic Meal

Meal for those who have diabetes or are allergic to glucose. Bread baked with whole grain flour, grains, fresh fruits and vegetables are used, and no sugar or honey is included.

Low Fat Meal

Meal for those with heart disease or fatty liver. Fresh vegetables, fruit, cereal and other high fiber products are used, and dishes are cooked by steaming or boiling.

Low Calorie Meal

Meal for those who are overweight or obese. Low fat meat and dairy products are used, as well as fresh fruit, vegetables, cereal and other high fiber ingredients.

Low Sodium Meal

Meal for those who have high blood pressure, liver diseases, or kidney diseases. Salt, meat broth, artificial seasoning, ketchup and other spices are avoided, while fresh fruit, vegetables, and low sodium ingredients are used.

No Lactose Meal

Meal for those who are allergic to dairy. Soy milk and coconut milk are used as well, as fresh fruits, vegetable, meat, and poultry..

Gluten-free Meal

Meal for those who have digestion trouble with gluten or wheat (flour). Starch potato, rice, bean, etc. rather than wheat is used, as well as vegetable, fruit, eggs, meat, fish, etc

Seafood Meal

Meal for those who prefer seafood.

Baby Meal

Provided to babies under the age of 2.

Toddler Meal

A nutritious rice-based menu for babies under the age of 2 is provided on flights departing from Seoul (excluding some short flight routes). For some short-haul flights, light snacks for infants will be provided.

Child Meal for Infant

For infants under 2 who would like a child meal, regular child meals will be provided.

Child Meal

Various types of dishes are prepared for passengers under the age of 12. There are 4 available dishes on flights departing from Seoul; including Tteokgalbi and Seasoned rice, Chicken nuggets and Shrimp fried rice, Omelet rice with Sausage, and Meatball Pasta. Some short flight routes only provide sandwiches. Also, please understand that flights departing from abroad will provide different dishes depending on local conditions. For Busan or overseas departures, regular child meals will be provided.

* Please note that for overseas departures, menus may differ according to local circumstances.