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Mileage Mall Partners

You only reserved your flight ticket? Where did you book your hotel?

Use the Mileage Mall to get discounted fares and earn mileage.
Book a hotel through the Mileage Mall
and earn up to three miles for every KRW 1,000 you spend.
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Mileage earnings and usage regulations for online partner hotels differ from other hotels. Be sure to read the details in advance.
Usage Guide
  • When booking and checking into a hotel, enter your Asiana Club Member number or present your membership card.
  • Mileage can only be earned if you pay the eligible rate or fees that offer mileage. Verify your eligibility for earning mileage with the hotel in advance.
  • You cannot request mileage after use. However, if mileage was not earned even though you entered your Asiana Club Member number or presented your membership card at check-in, you may request mileage from the hotel that you stayed at.
  • Documentary evidence is required when requesting missing mileage. Be sure to keep the receipt pertaining to your hotel stay after check-out. The period for requesting missing mileage differs for each partner. Contact the hotel for details.
  • The mileage earning regulations differ for each partner. Check details for the relevant partner or contact the hotel.
  • * Mileage is typically accrued within 6–8 weeks after your stay at the hotel.
  • For the Best Western, Hilton, IHG, Marriott, Radisson, Hyatt hotel groups, you will only earn mileage if you also register for the hotel’s membership program.
  • You will only be able to earn Asiana mileage if you select “Earn airline mileage” instead of hotel membership points in the options pertaining to points that appear during hotel membership registration. (If you do not select “Earn airline mileage,” you will automatically earn hotel membership points in accordance with the hotel’s policies.)
  • For Kumho Resort, you will only earn mileage if you stayed at the resort after making a reservation through the Asiana Airlines website (
  • For Lotte Hotels, you will only earn mileage if you stayed at the hotel through a “package” reservation from the Lotte Hotels website.