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Family Service

Family Service

  • Elderly passengers age 70 or older who are traveling without a guardian
  • 1 passenger who is accompanied by 2 or more infants/children under the age of 7

*Young passengers between the ages of 12-16 are not eligible for the Family Service.

  • Please apply for the company's paid service for young passengers traveling alone (YPTA).
  • USD 150 or an equivalent amount will be charged as the fee for this one-way service.
Service Details
  • You will receive your seat assignment and check your baggage at the departure city, then be guided by the dedicated staff member to the boarding gate for your departure flight after the immigration inspection.
  • You may move through the airport by use of an electric vehicle or wheelchair at the departure gate if you have disabilities.
  • You will be assisted in filling out the immigration papers for the arrival city airport inside the cabin.
  • At the arrival city airport, the staff member in charge will be waiting at the boarding gate to help you through the immigration inspection and baggage claim.
  • Available on all Asiana Airlines routes (excluding codeshare flights).
  • Notes
    • The Family Service is only provided for flights operated by Asiana Airlines, and a staff member will guide you starting from your arrival at the counter.
    • The Family Service is not a service for transporting the passenger's luggage. If costs are incurred for handling baggage at domestic or international airports, the passenger will be responsible for these costs.
    • You will be going through the same immigration and customs inspections as regular passengers, so you will not experience a significant reduction in time.
    • The service is offered at the Asiana Airlines counter at the airport. Therefore, if you ride with another airline overseas and transfer to Asiana Airlines, please understand that you must come to the Asiana Airlines counter to begin receiving this service.
    • If a passenger who has applied for Family Service connects to another airline on the same day, they will be guided up to the check-in counter or boarding gate for the airline of their connecting flight.
    • Please note that the scope of this service may change in accordance with the airport facilities of the connecting flight or immigration laws.
    • At overseas airports, you might not be able to apply for service on-site on the same day according to airport circumstances.
    • Passengers who have applied for service are expected to wear the Family Service necklace that is given at the airport until service is complete.

How to Request

  • 01
    Service Requests
    • Please apply through the Asiana Reservation Center up to 7 days before departure.
  • 02
    Submit application
    • Please state the following when you apply for service.
      • Reason for service application (accompanied by an infant/child based on age)
      • Required service location (departure airport/arrival airport/transfer airport)
  • 03
    Board the fleet after being guided by the staff member at the departure city airport (check-in counter)
    *Please go to the dedicated counter (B32) at Incheon airport or the Asiana Airlines check-in counters at foreign airports at least 2 hours before departure.
  • 04
    Guidance by airport crew at arrival city (passenger pick-up location)
    • The airport crew will guide you up to the arrival gate, which is the passenger pick-up location, but they will not check if you met with your party or that you were able to find transportation.
      Therefore, those requiring pick-up must make sure to wait at the proper location in advance.

Passengers Requiring Assistance

Family Service - Young Passenger Traveling Alone
Young Passenger Traveling Alone

  • USD 150 or an equivalent amount
User Guide
  • The Unaccompanied Minor service is available for minors between the ages of 12-16 who are not accompanied by a guardian.
  • Fees charged according to the U.S. segment