Mileage for Star Alliance│ASIANA AIRLINES
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Star Alliance/Partner Airlines

  • You can collect Asiana Club Miles by boarding flights of Star Alliance partners and other partners. Miles are earned according to the airline of boarding and the reserved class of e-ticket, and miles earned through Star Alliance airlines are included to upgrade the membership level of Asiana Club.

Star Alliance Accrual Chart

  • Members making a reservation of or purchasing Star Alliance tickets, shall present the membership card or the membership number at check-in Miles are automatically added to your account about eight days after the date of boarding. To ensure your miles are added properly, please keep your original boarding pass and the ticket (original copy or copy; and e-ticket) until you have confirmed that the miles were successfully added. Missing miles may be claimed within one year from the date of boarding (within 6months for Singapore Airlines) to earn them back, It may take 3 to 4 weeks to earn missing miles.
  • If you have subscribed to a reward program with another airline, you will need to indicate which airline's program you wish to use to accumulate miles. When Asiana Club Members earn Asiana Club Miles for a section, the miles are not earned at accounts of other airlines. (Once earned, the miles cannot be converted to miles with another airline.)

Mileage Earning Criteria Table

Additional Information
  • Classes and flights for mileage earning and the rate of mileage earning may change without prior notice according to the circumstances of Star Alliance partners. When using classes or flights with no mileage earning condition, miles are not earned.
  • When earning Asiana Club Miles, restrictions by section or region may be applied according to the request of the partner.
  • Due to time zone differences and processing period of Star Alliance and mileage accumulation airline partners to apply missing miles in your record, please submit your request at least 2 weeks prior to the particular airline’s deadline based on the date of boarding.
  • Asiana Airlines may exchange membership information with Star Alliance partners for the purpose of mileage management. Asiana Airlines has the sole discretion to delete or change miles earned in an inappropriate manner.