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About Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines Story

Asiana Airlines Story

Established in 1988 with the management ideology, 'maximum safety and customer satisfaction through service', Asiana Airlines had developed into a truly global airline.

Our level of service is unsurpassed, Asiana Airlines approaches customer service without compromise.

We pursue safety as our highest priority. We are striving to become the world's greatest airline, making intensive efforts for sustainable growth.

We hope you enjoy a fun, comfortable journey with Asiana Airlines.

Company Overview

Company Overview information
Company Name Asiana Airlines, Inc. Foundation Date February 17, 1988
Business The carriage of passengers, cargo and ancillary services related to the airline and travel industries. Routes Domestic : 10 cities, 11 routes
International (Passenger) : 21 countries, 56 cities, 61 routes
International (Cargo) : 12 countries, 25 cities, 21 routes

Asiana Airlines Corporate Philosophy

Asiana Airlines envisions that 'customers are transported safely, promptly and comfortably to their desired destinations at their preferred time' as the core belief and fulfills 'customer satisfaction through superior safety and service' as the corporate philosophy.

Management Ideology

Customer satisfaction via maximum safety and service

Corporate Philosophy

To provide safe, quick, and comfortable service for customers at their desired time and place

Asiana motto for customer service
  • State of the Art Service

    Serve our customers in a state of the art aircraft, with a service- focused approach that continuously seeks the best.

  • Considerate Service

    Serve our customers by treating them based on traditional Korean courtesy.

  • Friendly Service

    Serve our customers with a smile that comes from the bottom of the heart.

  • High-end Service

    Serve our customers by providing top quality in-flight meals, small items, and the crew’s dedicated service.