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In-flight Wi-Fi

In-flight Wi-Fi and Roaming Service

Search for information in real-time and even make phone calls conveniently from the cabin.

In-flight Wi-Fi User Guide

  • 01

    Select [OZ Wi-Fi]

    Select OZ Wi-Fi

    Select “OZ Wi-Fi” network on your Wi-Fi setting.

  • 02

    Open web browser

    Open web browser

    It will connects you to Asiana Portal page.

  • 03

    Click on [Go Online].

    Click the Go Online button.

    On Asiana Portal, click on [Go Online] at the bottom.

  • 04

    Choose your plan.

    Choose your plan.

    1 hour / 3 hours / Unlimited

  • 05

    Log in(or Sign up)

    Log in (or Sign up)

    Log in or sign up to create an account.

  • 06

    Make payment (for new users)

    Make payment (for new users)

    If you do not have a PanaSky account, please create a new account.

* Time will begin after you complete payment and will expire after the designated time, regardless of usage.

* This service may be restricted or unstable due to reasons such as the service range of the satellite or the weather.
Online communications conditions may not meet your expectations when sending and receiving files (including downloading video content), online games, etc.

Cabin Roaming User Guide

  1. You may use your mobile phone within the cabin. If you do not wish to use (voice calls or text messaging), please set your phone to airplane mode.
  2. To allow roaming services in the cabin, turn on your phone and turn off airplane mode.
  3. You will be automatically connected and will shortly receive a notification message. If you are not automatically connected, please select Aeromobile from the mobile phone network settings.
  4. You will now be able to make voice calls and send text messages. Cabin roaming fees will be charged by your mobile phone carrier.
Cabin Roaming Fees

Charged separately by the mobile phone carrier