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In-Flight Lost and Found

Aircraft Lost and Found Table

Number Item Name Photo Info Flight number Stored Location Date of Registration
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What to do with found items

User Guide
  1. Any items left on board our aircraft will be handed over to appropriate personnel at the arrival city airport. Please check with the arrival city airport for any such items.
  2. For items lost in transit to the airport or while using airport facilities, check with the airport’s information desk or lost and found, or at a relevant institution such as the local police department.
  3. In general, items with personal information like passports and ID cards and valuables such as cash are handed over to airport police. In addition, please be advised that items found in the customs area (after passport control and before customs clearance) are handed over to customs.
  4. We store found items for a certain period of time before transferring them to the lost item management department. Items are discarded after 90 days, Neck pillow and perishable items are discarded regularly.
  5. Please understand that items found on weekends and nights may not be registered immediately.
Institutions dealing with airport lost items
  • Asiana Airlines lost item storage center in Incheon Airport : 032-744-2205
  • Incheon Airport Lost and Found : 032-741-3110/3114
  • Incheon Airport Police Unit : 032-740-0112
  • Incheon Airport Customs : 032-722-4422 (T1)
  • Gimpo Airport Domestic/International Flight Lost and Found : 02-2660-4097
  • Jeju Airport Lost and Found : 064-797-2521
Asiana Airlines lost item storage center
Asiana Airlines lost item storage center table

Incheon Airport 032-744-2205 Jeju Airport 064-800-6647
Gimpo Airport 02-2669-1346 Daegu Airport 053-720-6800
Yeosu Airport 061-805-6300 Gwangju Airport 062-607-6400
Cheongju Airport 043-213-0500

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