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Food & Drinks

  • We have refined the meals available, in affiliation with the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine, which passes on the context of traditional Korean cuisine, and La Cucina, a known leader of Italian cuisine in Korea.
    These meal are accompanied by wines of the finest quality, eco-friendly coffee, espresso, and various other beverages.

In-flight Meal Service

Advance Palace Dinner Reservation Service
We have a healthy palace dinner prepared with a harmony of beautiful colors and nutritional balance, in association with the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine. The advance palace dinner reservation service is available for long distance flights departing from Seoul to the Americas or Europe when riding First Class.
Please make your reservation 24 hours before departure through the Premium Service Center or your travel agent.
Premium Service Center: 02-2661-4000

Beverage Service

Select wines from the world's top sommeliers
Wines selected by the world's top sommeliers to match in-flight meals are available during your flight.
Select various wines for each in-flight meal, from diverse reds, whites, and dessert wines, including the finest quality champagne. An assortment of other drinks and cocktails are available, including whiskey, gin, vodka, cognac, and more.
  • Jon Arvid Rosengren

    • 2016 World's Best Sommelier Champion
    • 2013 Best Sommelier Champion of Europe
    • 2010 Best Sommelier of Sweden
  • Evangelos Pattas

    • 2007 Best Sommelier Champion of Germany
    • European Cigar Sommelier Champion
  • Christine Balais

    • International Sommelier Judge
    • Wine Journal Tasting Judge
Eco-friendly Coffee
RA (Rainforest Alliance) certified eco-friendly coffee
We offer genuinely beautiful coffee that was grown through eco-friendly agricultural methods certified by the Rainforest Alliance, without the use of pesticides.
Luxurious Tea
A Wide Selection of Teas
Luxurious teas are available in a quality wooden tea box containing a diverse selection of teas. Make your flight even more pleasant while enjoying green, black, or herbal teas.

*Available services may differ according to the flight or aircraft.

Korean Royal Cuisine Pre-Order

  • 1. Seopsanjeok with Roasted Deodeok
    • Sanjeok made of beef, beans, and tofu with deodeok roasted in soy sauce
  • 2. Pine Mushroom Sanjeok
    • Skewered beef tenderloin with pine mushroom and vegetables
  • 3. Beef Rib Wrap
    • Various vegetables and roasted beef ribs that can be wrapped with nutritious ssamjang (spicy paste)
  • 4. Braised Short Ribs
    • Braised short ribs cooked using traditional culinary methods with carrots, chestnuts, and pine mushrooms
  • 5. Abalone Samhapjjim (3 steamed combination)
    • A popular steamed seafood dish with abalone, sea cucumber and shrimp braised in dark soy sauce
  • 6. Bibimbap
    • Bibimbap with roasted abalone and chicken on the side
  • 7. Roasted Butterfish
    • Soft butterfish cooked in soy sauce
  • 8. Spicy Rockfish Soup
    • Spicy rockfish soup
  • 9. Sea Bream Soup
    • A one-course soup dish made with sea bream and various vegetables, egg, and garnish
  • 10. Beef and Abalone Soup
    • A healthy soup made with brisket, abalone, and cordyceps