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Airport Check-in

※ Only Seoul Station City Airport is available (Operation of Samseong-dong/Gwangmyeong Station branches has been suspended)


Asiana Airlines International flight passengers departing from Incheon Airport that day

※ Notes

  • Passengers traveling in groups on charter / non-scheduled flights cannot check in at city airports.
  • Check-in procedure is not available for domestic/international flights departing from Gimpo Airport and for domestic flights departing from Incheon International Airport.
  • Codeshare flight check-in procedure
    - Codeshare flights operated by Asiana Airlines (affiliate company flight number): Available for check-in procedure
    - Codeshare flights operating on aircrafts of other airlines (Asiana Airlines flight number): Unavailable for check-in procedure
  • Check-in procedure is not available for passengers who require assistance, such as family services or wheelchairs, or for unaccompanied minors (Available at Incheon Airport)
  • Large baggage, musical instruments, and pets are not permitted for baggage check-in.
  • Flight ticket purchase or change is not available.
For more information, please visit each city airport's website.
Seoul Station City Airport

Hours of use

Hours of use table

City area Counter hours of operation Procedure deadline
Seoul Station 05:20 – 19:00 3 hours before departure

How to Use

  • 01
    Purchase a direct train ticket (Basement 2nd floor)
    Purchase a direct train ticket to Incheon Airport on the B2 floor of the airport railroad at Seoul Station. (Ticket machine or customer center)
    Seoul Station City Airport terminal services are provided for direct train passengers.
  • 02
    Check-in and baggage check (basement 2nd floor)
    At the Asiana Airlines counter located on the basement 2nd floor, you can receive assigned seats, check your baggage and receive your boarding pass.
    (Excess baggage payments, seat purchases, and seat upgrades are not available).
  • 03
    Immigration (basement 2nd floor)
    Provide your boarding pass and passport at the Ministry of Justice Immigration Office next to the check-in counter and go through immigration screening.
    Hours of operation of Seoul Station City Airport Ministry of Justice Immigration (07:00~19:00)
  • 04
    Board the direct train (basement 7th floor)
    To go swiftly to the platform located on the basement 7th floor, you can take the elevator designated for passengers of the direct train on the 2nd floor

    Hours of operation of direct train

    - Duration: 43 minutes (Operating nonstop from Seoul Station to Incheon Airport)
    Operation intervals Every 40 minutes
  • 05
    Designated departure passageway (Incheon Airport 3rd floor)
    City Airport users can depart quickly and conveniently by using the departure passageway on the 3rd floor, after arriving at Incheon Airport.
    Board the aircraft at each flight’s boarding gate, after security inspection.