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Join Asiana and get a discount coupon!

Join as a new member for exclusive discount coupons.
Embark on an exciting journey with Asiana!



Registration Date
January 1. 2024 ~ December 31, 2024
Purchase Date
Within 30 days from the date of registration
Travel Date
Departure within 180 days from the date of registration
This offer is valid for individuals registering as ‘online members’
for the first time through the Asiana Airlines website or app.
International Flights to Incheon/Korea, or other Asiana Cities via Inchoen/Korea
※ Applicable to journeys that involve only flights operated by Asiana Airlines.
※ If you would like to receive a welcome coupon applicable to flights originating from Korea (Incheon), please sign up on the website below. ▶ Visit the online new member promotion for the Korea region.
  • Air Fares : 7~10% off * for Business Class and Economy Class
  • Paid Seats : 15% off

* Please check the discount rate based on your departing region.

event table
Origin Region Discount Rate
Asia (excluding Mainland China), Europe, Australia 10%
the U.S. 7%

How to use

  • Coupons are issued as soon as you register as an online member and are automatically
    stored in your My Account profile without the need for a download process.
  • You can select the coupon from the pop-up layer after entering the flight schedule
    or during the payment stage on
  • Members under the age of 14 can transfer their online coupons to parent members by going to 'My Coupons,' clicking on the 'Coupon,' and then clicking on 'Send a Gift.'
  • Applicable exclusively to flights operated by Asiana Airlines; not applicable to codeshare flights.
  • The coupon cannot be applied to trips involving domestic flights, codeshare flights, other airlines, mileage tickets, or multi-city itineraries.
  • Coupons can only be used once for new ticket purchases at (PC, Mobile, App).
  • Please review the conditions of each coupon before making your reservation.
  • Please note that event details are subject to change without prior notice.
About Asiana Airlines

Established in 1988, Asiana Airlines is based at Seoul Incheon International Airport
and is a member of the Star Alliance. Recognized with the prestigious
5-Star Airline rating from Skytrax for 17 consecutive years since 2007,
Asiana Airlines is dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of every passenger.
Elevating the travel experience, Asiana Airlines continually introduces
cutting-edge aircraft, such as the A350 and A321NEO.
Embark on a delightful and comfortable journey with Asiana Airlines!

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