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Food & Drinks

  • Enjoy the dish, Yeongyang Ssambap, that was awarded the gold prize in economy class at the "2006 Mercury Awards" by the ITCA (International Travel Catering Association). Also enjoy various other Korean dishes and in-flight menu options, varying according to the flight region.

In-flight Meal Service

[Yeongyang Ssambap] Winner of the "Mercury Award" from the ITCA (International Travel Catering Association)
A traditional meal and health food that is both delicious and nutritious.
This Korean dish, served with an assortment of fresh vegetables for wrapping and sauce made with various nuts, is available on long-distance flights departing from Seoul.
Warm and Trendy In-flight Meals: [Travel Meals]
A diverse, trendy menu of warm, simple travel meals is available on some routes to China, Japan, and other Asian countries (starting July 2016).
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage service may be limited.

Beverage Service

The Joy of Air Travel [Wine]
The most popular choices of wines selected by sommeliers,
in order to match the diverse tastes of passengers in economy class.
Wines of various origin, such as France, Chile, Spain, and South Africa are offered, depending on the region.
  • Jon Arvid Rosengren

    • 2016 World's Best Sommelier Champion
    • 2013 Best Sommelier Champion of Europe
    • 2010 Best Sommelier of Sweden
  • Evangelos Pattas

    • 2007 Best Sommelier Champion of Germany
    • European Cigar Sommelier Champion
  • Christine Balais

    • International Sommelier Judge
    • Wine Journal Tasting Judge

*Available services may differ according to the flight or aircraft.

Guidelines for bringing your own food on board
  • If you bring your own food (such as side dishes or snacks) onto a flight, a member of the cabin crew may ask you to refrain from eating it during the flight, in the event that the smell or noise disturbs other passengers around you. To ensure everyone a pleasant flight, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.
  • Passengers are not allowed to drink alcohol they have brought in person or alcohol purchased on board.
  • Hot water for baby formula milk is available on board by request.