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Flight ticket changes and reservations

Upon a request from the customer, it is possible to alter the itinerary, operating airline, fare basis, and validity period.

As rules regarding price differences and cancellation may vary according to the sale fare and place of purchase, please contact your place of purchase or airline with any queries.

International flight ticket changes and reservations
  • To change the flight ticket, contact the point of purchase, as applicable regulations may differ depending on fare regulations and point of purchase.
  • Tickets for flights departing from overseas need confirmation of point of purchase and fare calculations. As such, 2–3 days (consider time difference) are needed for processing.
  • If the ticket can be changed, the fare difference, tax difference, and fees may be incurred according to fare rules. Contact the point of purchase for further details.
Domestic flight ticket changes and reservations
  • Because domestic fares vary according to date of boarding, time, and segment, you will need to pay the difference in fare between the previous itinerary and the new one. You can also have a new ticket issued after the refund is processed.
  • The validity period for domestic flight tickets is usually one year. You must use the ticket within the validity period, as extensions are not possible.
  • There are detailed conditions. For example, depending on the flight ticket type, the validity period may be less than one year. For details, please contact the place of purchase or place of business.

Seat Upgrade

Your ticket may be upgraded to the higher class by using mileage or paying the fare difference between classes.

Upgrade Awards
with Mileage
  • We can upgrade you to the next class by deducting miles from your accrued Asiana Club mileage.
  • However, it is not possible to get an Upgrade Award of two class levels at one time. Also, please be aware that Upgrade Awards to the next class are not allowed under the following circumstances.
    [Flight Tickets with no Upgrade Awards Allowed]
    • Flight tickets with a discount of more than 50% off the fare basis
    • Flight tickets sold with the condition of no Upgrade Awards allowed
    • Mileage Tickets
    • Free or IT fare flight tickets
    • Group fare flight tickets (reservation class G)
    • Flight tickets sold by Star Alliance or other airlines (boarding classes U, Q, K, S, V, L, W, T, G)
Seat Upgrade by Paying the Fare Difference between Classes
  • You may upgrade your seat by paying the fare difference between classes, except for tickets with restrictions.
Refunds/Cancellations for Flight Tickets
  • Rules for refunds/cancellations of flight tickets may vary according to the place of purchase. Please inquire with the place of purchase.
  • The time limit for requesting refunds for domestic routes is the same as the expiry date of the flight ticket (applies from August 1, 2016).
  • The time limit for requesting refunds for international routes is 30 days after the expiry date of the flight ticket (applies from May 20, 2016).
  • When requesting a refund, the holder of the ticket must apply in person. If the request is to made by a legal representative, contact the point of purchase, as additional documents may have to be submitted.
  • For all unused tickets for international flights departing from Korea, there will be an additional refund penalty charged depending on when the refund request is made.
Refund Policy
  • Refund for cash purchase tickets can be made to the ticket holder’s account.
  • Credit card purchase tickets cannot be refunded in cash. The refund information will be transferred to the card company and will be paid according to the card company regulations.
  • Refund period for tickets purchased with credit cards depends on the payment date and the card company’s processing cycle. For details on the refund process, contact the credit card company after 2 to 5 business days from the time the refund is approved.
No-Show Penalty

You will be charged a no-show penalty if you fail to cancel the confirmed flight up to the departure time or if you fail to board after check-in. For itinerary change or refund, reissue fee or refund fee will apply according to the ticket rule.

- Passengers who failed to cancel the confirmed flight up to the departure time (No-show penalty)

No-Show Penalty Table

Ticketing date International Flights Domestic Flights
Collected in Korea Collected overseas Collected in Korea
Ticketed before
Feb. 28, 2019
KRW 100,000 USD 100.00 KRW 8,000
(per one-way)
Ticketed after
Mar. 1, 2019
KRW 120,000 USD 120.00

- Passengers who have not boarded after check-in (Gate No-show penalty)

Gate No-show penalty Table

International Flights
Collected in Korea Collected overseas
KRW 300,000 USD 300
  • *Gate no-show penalty will apply to tickets issued from Jan. 10, 2019.

Electronic Ticket Itinerary and Receipt Information

  • This electronics ticket and receipt may be required for passengers to present at immigration or customs, therefore passengers must print it out and keep it throughout your journey. Passengers need to check the attached legal notice for their reference.
  • Please bring a print-out of the electronic ticket itinerary and receipt when you check-in at the airport, or you can also check-in via Asiana Airlines website or via mobile device and board on the plane.
  • Passenger name on the ticket must be matched to the name on the passport.
  • Coupon sequence : Flight coupons must be used in sequence from the place of departure as shown on the passenger coupon.
  • Itinerary changes on code-share flights should be requested by passenger in advance and it can be restricted under the operating carrier’s regulation.
  • Code-share flights check-in counters may vary depending on operating carrier.
  • Please refer to Asiana Airlines website( for your further information regarding to the code-share flight.