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Upgrade Standby

Upgrade Standby Service

Fare (one-way)

After March 4, 2019 (as of the ticketing date)

Table for Fare (one-way)

on Ticket
Korea -
Japan, China, Northeast Asia
Korea -
Korea-Southeast / Southwest Asia
Korea -
Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Venice, Istanbul, Sydney, Honolulu
Korea -
LA, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Frankfurt, London
Korea 60,000KRW 100,000KRW 120,000KRW 180,000KRW 450,000KRW 600,000KRW 450,000KRW 600,000KRW
China (excludes Hong Kong) 400CNY 700CNY 800CNY 1,100CNY 2,800CNY 3,600CNY 2,800CNY 3,600CNY
Japan 6,000JPY 10,000JPY 12,000JPY 18,000JPY 45,000JPY 60,000JPY 45,000JPY 60,000JPY
USA 60USD 100USD 120USD 180USD 450USD 600USD 450USD 600USD
United Kingdom 48GBP 70GBP 96GBP 125GBP 330GBP 410GBP 330GBP 410GBP
(excluding United Kingdom)
60EUR 80EUR 120EUR 150EUR 360EUR 470EUR 360EUR 470EUR
Hong Kong 450HKD 700HKD 900HKD 1,300HKD 3,400HKD 4,200HKD 3,400HKD 4,200HKD
Taipei 1,650TWD 2,800TWD 3,300TWD 5,000TWD 12,400TWD 16,500TWD 12,400TWD 16,500TWD
Thailand 1,800THB 2,800THB 3,600THB 5,000THB 13,500THB 17,000THB 13,500THB 17,000THB
Singapore 75SGD 125SGD 150SGD 225SGD 560SGD 750SGD 560SGD 750SGD
Sydney 75AUD 125AUD 150AUD 225AUD 560AUD 750AUD 560AUD 750AUD


After March 4, 2019 (as of the ticketing date)

Services Provided

Purchase Procedures

* Purchase Tip: For more convenient purchase of “upgrade standby,” please enter your Asiana Club membership number when purchasing your flight ticket and select “Consent to receive marketing information” in your member profile on our website.

  1. 01

    Service opens
     96 hours before departure

    Available only for some flights according to flight reservation circumstances.

  2. 02

    Payment and Standby
     24 hours before departure

    Once the payment is completed, the upgrade standby application will be automatically submitted. Receipt for payment will close on a first come, first served basis depending on reservation circumstances.

  3. 03

    Check standby results
    3 hours before departure

    Standby results can be viewed through the website or mobile app.

Available time and place for purchase

Table for Available time and place for purchase

Purchase period place for purchase
From 96 hours up to 24 hours before departure Homepage and mobile app
24 hours to 0 hours before departure: Sale closes -

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refund Time Point of Refund
24 hours before departure after payment is completed Website, mobile app, Asiana Airlines reservation center
24 hours before departure - Boarding date Airport Ticketing Counter
After departure Asiana Airlines Reservation Center

Route Details by Region

Table for Route Details by Region

Region Destinations
Japan Nagoya, Tokyo, Miyazaki, Sapporo, Sendai, Osaka, Okinawa, Fukuoka
China/Northeast Asia Kaohsiung, Guangzhou, Guilin, Nanjing, Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Xian, Yanji, Ulaanbaatar, Yancheng, Yantai, Weihai, Changsha, Changchun, Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Taipei, Tianjin, Harbin, Hangzhou, Hong Kong
Southeast Asia/Saipan Danang, Manila, Bangkok, Saipan, Cebu, Singapore, Jakarta, Clark Field, Palau, Phu Quoc, Phuket, Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh
Southwest Asia Almaty, Tashkent
U.S New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Honolulu
Europe London, Roma, Barcelona, Venice, Istanbul, Paris, Frankfurt
Oceania Sydney
  • This service is a paid “upgrade standby” service. The upgrade is not guaranteed even if payment is made.
  • This service provides business seats and in-flight meals for business class. All other services are the same as those for economy services.
    (* Lounge admissions not provided, free baggage at economy class level, mileage accrual at economy level, etc.)
  • If the upgrade is processed when a seat has already been assigned, the assigned seat will be automatically canceled, and a business seat will be assigned at random.
  • This service is not available for all passengers, so please read through the sales restrictions.
  • Even if a notification was received confirming the upgrade, the upgrade may be canceled on the boarding date due to the airline’s circumstances. Moreover, upgrades may be canceled if violations are discovered during check-in procedures.
  • When the travel schedule changes after the service is paid for through the website, the upgrade standby service will be automatically canceled and refunded.
  • For flight tickets that were purchased through a travel agency, in the event that the travel schedule is changed through the agency, a separate refund request for the service must be made to the Asiana Airlines reservation center.