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Voice of Customers

Processing Steps

  • Your feedback is

  • Feedback is reviewed
    and analyzed

  • Asiana responds
    to the feedback


  • If you submit an inquiry as a guest (without log-in), the response will be sent to the email address you wrote in the inquiry, and such response cannot be viewed on Asiana Airlines’ website. 
  • Inquiries are delivered to the relevant departments during regular office hours on the weekdays, excluding holidays. Since the inquiries submitted on the weekends or holidays are processed on the regular office hours, the response might be delayed. 
  • If the submitted inquiry includes swearing, offensive words, sexual harassment, persecution without a reason, insulting others’ dignity, expression that injures other’s reputation, or is non-relevant to Asiana Airlines, a response to such inquiries may not be provided without prior notice. 
  • Please do not input important personal information such as bank account information, credit card information, or contact information in the inquiry unless Asiana Airlines specifically asked for such.

Please check FAQ page before submitting an inquiry.