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Present your domestic/international boarding pass and take advantage of affiliate discounts! Customers traveling on domestic or international flights with Asiana Airlines (excluding codeshare flights) can use their boarding passes
at affiliates 7 days to 1 month from their boarding date.

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Present one of the four types of boarding passes below to use the Magic Boarding Pass service. *Please present your identification with your boarding pass upon use.

  1. 1. Paper Ticket

    Tear and present the boarding pass section
    to use as a Magic Boarding Pass. Please present your identification
    with your boarding pass upon use.

  2. 2. Boarding pass issued at the Korean domestic flight kiosk

    Present the boarding pass issued at the Korean domestic flight kiosk to use as a Magic Boarding Pass.

  3. 3. E-mail boarding pass when using online check-in

    If you are checking in on the homepage or mobile website/app, print
    the boarding pass you received via e-mail and present it to
    use as a Magic Boarding Pass.

  4. 4. Mobile Boarding Pass

    Present your mobile boarding pass from the mobile website/app
    to use as a Magic Boarding Pass.

Usage Regulations

  • 1) Asiana Airlines\' "Magic Boarding Pass" program (hereafter "program") offers benefits to passengers who have an original copy of their Asiana Airlines boarding pass. (Not applicable for codeshare flights.)
  • 2) The boarding pass may only be used by the owner. The type of boarding pass and validity period differ for each affiliate, so please verify this information in advance.
  • 3) To receive benefits from affiliates of Asiana Airlines (hereafter "affiliates"), you must ask for boarding pass benefits before making a purchase and present the original copy of your boarding pass and an official form of photo identification. Some hotels, golf courses, and restaurants require a reservation, and you must inform the staff member of your intent to use your boarding pass upon making the reservation.
  • 4) Please be advised that Asiana Airlines does not guarantee the quality of benefits, services, and products that are offered by affiliates.
  • 5) The benefits and information that are provided by affiliates may change, be canceled, or terminated without notice due to unforeseen affiliate circumstances, so please use these services after confirming the information with the relevant affiliate in advance. (Asiana Airlines will not be responsible for complaints regarding inconveniences during use of or changes and cancellations to benefits that occurred due to negligence in confirming with the affiliate in advance. Please file any inquiries or complaints to the affiliate directly.)
  • 6) Asiana Airlines may change or terminate the program without prior notice.
  • 7) The discounts and benefits that are offered may not be joined with other discounts and benefits.



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